Is Your Child Missing Sleep?

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    There are many contributing factors to why children are missing sleep. They now live in a technology age so instead of going to bed to sleep, some are playing games on mobile phones or tablets or watching TV. 

    If you feel your child is missing sleep, establish a bedtime routine to ensure that they get the minimum ten hours of sleep needed for young children. A continual lack of sleep can be harmful for; there are many health related issues that have been linked to lack of sleep including obesity, diabetes and depression, as well as behavioural issues.  

    Is your child missing sleep

    There are signs that you can look out for that indicate your child could be missing sleep. These signs include: 

    1. Lack of focus 

    A child who is struggling with sleep deprivation may struggle start to suffer from a short attention span, especially in nursery or the classroom which can affect their ability to concentrate, learn new skills and process information. Children who are overtired may also become forgetful. 

    2. Moodiness 

    Lack of sleep can take a toll on children's emotions and make them appear moody. Some children may become demanding or attention seeking, which can lead to disruptions between parents and children.

    3. Hyperactivity 

    When a child lacks sleep, it can lead to them being diagnosed as being hyperactive.  In reality, they just don’t have enough sleep. This is time can lead to aggressive behaviour. One way you can tackle hyperactivity at bedtime is by creating a calm environment for them to go to sleep.

    Removing distractions from the room is a good place to start. Ensuring a clean, tidy room will have an effect on the mind as they go to sleep. Low sleeper cabin beds are good for children as they provide plenty of storage spaces. 

    4. Clumsiness 

    A tired child is an accident waiting to happen. For example, if a child is playing on a bike or scooter they will be more likely to fall and hurt themselves or have an accident, because they are perhaps distracted or not paying full attention to what is going on around them. 

    Do you think your child is missing sleep? Look out for these signs and take action as soon as possible.
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