Summertime – Planning ahead for Back to School

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    Before you know it, the start of the next school year will be here. You can be sure this back to school season is stress free by following some simple tips. These will alsoSummertime planning ahead for Back to School help new School Starters.

    Start preparing now to get your child organised – don’t wait until the very last few days before school (we’ve all done it and it’s very stressy!).

    8 Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Back-to-School Season:

    1. Get them in the habit now of organising their clothes. Keeping similar items together like tops and trousers. Colour code them too. This tip will save you money because you know exactly what is in their wardrobe and you won’t buy duplicate items. Go through their entire wardrobe when the seasons change.
    2. Be sure your child has an area designated in the home to do their homework. Give them a space in their bedroom or in another area of the home, preferably not the kitchen table. Give them a space that is their own.
    3. Buy them a small desk with drawers and bookshelves.
    4. Hang a cork notice board for them to display reminders or favourite pictures from school. Contain the cork board to one area near the desk.
    5. Organise the desk area keeping notebooks, books, pens & pencils, and gadgets contained.
    6. Work with your child to organise and develop their space – make it fun!
    7. Be sure to give them a calendar to keep on their desk so that they can refer to for important project deadlines and activities.
    8. Give them the tools and containers to store and organise loose papers.

    Teaching your children to be organised at an early age will prepare them for the future in their personal lives and their careers. Organised people are more efficient, more productive, they save time and money. People will have more confidence in you if you are organised. Give your child the tools now to become organised.

    It is never too early to start! – from the Small Stesp Team

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