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    Life coaching is a practice that helps you identify and achieve personal goals. Sophia Johnson M.A.S.C (Life Coach) is a Change Agent, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.

    As a woman in business and a parent, Sophia felt it her purpose to benefit other parents with her experience and skills; with tools and techniques to enrich the vital changes desired in individual’s lives. Sophia coaches a number of competences with a focus on mind, attitude and action. Being a parent herself to four children; Sophia is able to give practical support which is fundamental to achieving your goals. A Life Coach helps by giving you the opportunity to transform and change; to honour your individual plan; learn skills for a new business or career path, build confidence and self-esteem - all vital ingredients to be a leader in your own life.

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    Parenting is valued, and coaching is a benefit to new and existing parents. It helps to gain a clear focus and provide steps to achieve goals, as we all know that with children, we are continually busy. We wear many different hats: mummy, daddy, guardian, friend, teacher, to quote just a few; yet we aim to succeed in our own chosen objectives & pathways simultaneously; but now not only for ourselves but we have a necessity to triumph for our children too; pledging to give them security and happiness through our strength.

    Life Coaching is:

    • Support to develop the actions required to achieve goals
    • Sustainable
    • A provision for people to embrace change

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