Walking your Toddler or Child to Nursery or School

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    How often do you do it? How easy do you find it?

    Are you one of the majority of mums who ends up stressed in her car whilst juggling the traffic and hunting a parking space to drop off your child at nursery or school?

    Or do you manage to walk with your child?5-Day Walking Challenge

    Walk to School Week 2017 takes place between 15th to 19th May, and is trying to increase the number of mums and dads who regularly walk their young children to school or nursery. Every year Walk to School Week brings together nearly one million schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

    This year is all about a Walk in the Wild. Walk to School mascot Strider will be encouraging pupils to take his 5-Day Walking Challenge.

    1. Healthy body

    Daily exercise has numerous physical health benefits including helping to reduce the risk of childhood obesity and medial conditions in later life such as cancer and heart disease.

    2. Health and happiness

    Regular walking helps to keep young minds healthy and alert ready for their arrival at school.

    3. Healthy habits

    Getting into the habit of an energetic walk at the start of the day will also encourage healthy eating habits such as having a nutritious breakfast every morning.

    4. Healthy friends and family

    The walk to school is the perfect opportunity for some quality family time or a good chat with friends helping to develop strong, happy relationships.

    5. Healthy environment

    And don’t forget that walking rather than taking motorised transport means less pollution and cleaner air – a benefit for everyone!

    Do you think you could give it a go? The website, Walk to School Week can offer lots of great advice from about how far it is realistic to expect your child to walk to general road safety.

    Happy Walking! from the Small Steps Team
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    Walking you child to school