3 DIY Halloween Paper Party Decorations

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    With Halloween drawing near, it's time to get into the spirit of the spooky season. Why not release your creative craft talents and make your own Halloween party decorations, destined to impress every ghoulish fiend.

    1. Jack-o-Lanterns
    If carving pumpkins seems too fiddly, consider making Jack-o-lanterns from mason jars instead to inject a spooky atmosphere at your Halloween party. Simple to make, yet eye-catching and unique, they'll look great perched on a mantelpiece or by the entrance to your front door.

    According to popular craft blogger, you'll need a black spray paint, a smooth-sided mason jar, tissue craft paper, Scotch tape, scissors, glue, a paintbrush and battery-operated tea-light candles.

    To make a Jack-o-lantern, spray the lid with the black paint. Use the Scotch tape to secure the top of the lid with the ring. Apply a few coats and leave to dry. Take your tissue paper (this can be easily bought at hobby and craft paper shops), and lay a sheet out flat. Place the mason jar on its side, and measure and cut out 1-2 inch strips of paper the length of the jar. Cut out a circular shape to cover the bottom of the jar. Glue the paper strips to the sides of the jar, covering it. Glue the circular paper to the bottom of the jar. To add a ghoulish face to the jar, cut out eyes and mouth shapes using the scissors and black craft paper. Stick these to the jar with your glue. Finally, add your battery-operated candle to the inside of the jar, close the lid and watch the Jack-o-lantern glow.

    2. Paper Pumpkins
    Who needs to carve pumpkins when you can make your own decorative paper pumpkins, guaranteed to give your Halloween party a spooky edge?

    You simply need a couple of pieces of 12x12 craft paper in two shades a craft knife, a small hole punch, twine, two brad nails, a leaf template and crepe paper (green and brown).

    With your craft paper, cut 12 strips about an inch wide. About 1/4 inch from the end of each strip, punch a hole. Place the strips on top of each other, alternating colours. Take the twine and tie each end below the brad tip, allowing around 5 inches of twine between the two brads. Thread one brad through the pile of strips and fasten. The head of the brad needs to be on the wrong side of the paper. Thread the other brad through the other holes, from the wrong side, pulling into a U shape, and fasten. Fan out the paper strips to form a pumpkin shape. Using a leaf template, trace and cut out two leaves using the crepe paper, and punch holes. Make a stem with the brown crepe paper by cutting a 2x3 inch piece, and punch a hole in the centre. Slide the leaves and stem on to the brad, and secure. Pull the brown crepe paper up and twist to create stem.



    3. Paper Bats
    For a really dramatic effect, these paper bats will add the spook-factor to any wall this Halloween.

    You'll need black craft paper, craft scissors, tape and a bat template. You can print one of these templates out online here or use a stencil.
    Fold the paper in half and place the bat template on the fold. Cut the bats out (no need to trace them). Then simply place against a wall secured with the tape. The more bats you make, the scarier the effect!
    Paper Bats.

    Why not get your hands on some cheap art and craft supplies for Halloween and have a go at making some of your own DIY decorations?

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