5 Ways to Preserve Childrens Art

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    One of the loveliest moments of being a parent is when your children proudly brings you a new piece of artwork they have created just for you. Most of us stick these masterpieces on the fridge door or wall to admire but since most children tend to be quite prolific in the painting department, all too soon you can find yourself running out of room. Luckily there are a number of really creative ways that you can showcase your children's precious pictures, share them with friends and family and, best of all, keep them forever.
    5 Ways to preserve Childrens Art
    1. Print unique greeting cards

    This is a lovely way to display artwork and really easy to do. Simply scan the drawing or painting into your computer, then print out onto card to make into a special birthday or thank you card. Using ready made blank folding cards makes this even simpler as you can simply draw straight onto them. This idea works especially well for Christmas cards as not only can all your friends and family enjoy your children's festive artwork but it ensures your cards are totally unique.

    2. Wrapping paper and tags

    Your children's artistic efforts can make some really striking wrapping paper. This could be as simple as just letting them loose with some ink stamps, potato prints or glitter and a large sheet of paper. Matching gift tags are a lovely finishing touch and will give your gifts the wow factor.
    5 Ways to preserve Childrens Art
    3. Posters and prints

    If you want to display a favourite piece on the wall, why not make it into a poster? This can be done either at home by scanning a picture into your printer, or at a specialist photo shop if you require a larger size. You could even opt to put several pieces together to make a colourful collage. Frame or mount this to create a bespoke picture for your wall that celebrates your children's creative talents.

    4. Wearable artwork

    If you want to create a really unusual gift using your children's drawings, have them printed onto some clothing. Angelina Jolie's wedding veil was decorated with pictures drawn by her children to make a quirky and unusual memento of her special day. You could opt to have your well-loved pictures printed onto a T-shirt or sweatshirt. There are lots of other ways you can use these pictures too. Print them onto a jute tote for a truly individual-looking handbag. Use the images on cushion covers to make great colourful soft furnishings for your child's playroom or bedroom. You could also choose a few of your favourite pictures and have them printed onto a set of mugs to make a brilliant and unusual gift for you or your family.
    5 Ways to preserve Childrens Art
    5. A keepsake book

    If you would like to keep all your favourite pictures in one place then having them made into a special book makes a lovely keepsake. You can make a homemade version of this yourself using a scanner, printer and some printer paper. If you want to regularly share your children’s pictures then you could also think about making a calendar and giving these as gifts each Christmas.

    Displaying your children's artwork in these unusual ways not only makes great gifts for friends and family but gives you a wonderful memento of your children's creations to keep.
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