8 Kids Activities to Beat the Boredom This Summer

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    Even the luckiest of parents will still hear the words ‘I’m bored’ uttered a couple of times over the summer, whilst the unluckiest will hear them so often they might start to question their youngster’s vocabulary skills.

    In a bid to stop you becoming really bored of hearing how bored your children are, here are eight activity ideas:
    Make a Water Slide

    1. Face Painting

    Most boys and girls love having their faces painted, not to mention the opportunity to try out their own artistic skills on someone else. A set of good face paints is a worthwhile investment, as there’s nothing worse than cheap versions that barely show a colour no matter how much you scrub.
    Face Painting
    2. Construct an Obstacle Course

    Turn your garden into an adventure playground by using anything from clothes airers to paddling pools to create a fun obstacle course for your kids. It should keep them amused and may even make them too tired to complain about being bored later on.
    Construct an Obstacle Course
    3. Create a Treasure Hunt

    Hide clues around your house or garden and set your little ones off on a quest for treasure. They can even dress up as pirates if they like. They’ll feel a sense of achievement when they solve the puzzles and discover a small treat at the end.
    Create a Treasure Hunt
    4. Keep a Summer Diary

    Your youngsters will not even realise they’re practising their writing skills as they become enthralled in jotting down tales from their day. You could even get them a disposable camera to help document their summer and help them to create a scrapbook at the end of the holidays. A great keepsake of years gone by.
    Keep a Summer Diary
    5. Get Gardening

    Gardening is a great activity for children, as not only is it educational and a good form of exercise, but it gives them a reason to get muddy as well. Plant some vegetables or flowers to help them learn about responsibilities and the need to care for things if they want them to thrive. Gardening requires a little tender loving care every day and they will be excited to get back in the garden each morning to see how their seeds are blossoming.
    Get Gardening  
    6. Make a Den

    Who doesn’t love a den? A whole world of imaginative play can be opened up with nothing more than a clothes airer and picnic blanket or a couple of chairs and a sheet. Indoors or outside, you can make the most of the summer weather on the good days and carry on the fun inside on the bad as we all know the british weather can be a little unpredictable.
    Make a Den
    7. Create a Sundial

    All you need is a paper plate, a straw, a ruler, a crayon and some drawing pins to make your own sundial. Simply make a hole in the middle to poke the straw through, and get your child to write the number 12 on the outer edge, with a line linking it to the hole.

    When it’s sunny, take it outside at noon and position it so that the straw’s shadow falls along the line, keeping it in place with pins. Get your youngster to predict where the shadow will fall at one o’clock, and then mark it on when the time arrives. This is an activity that quite literally lasts all day and it will give your child a taste of the golden old days.
    Create a Sundial
    8. Make a Water Slide

    Who needs a water park? Simply lay a large piece of camping tarpaulin or thick plastic sheet on a slope in your garden, set up the hose or sprinkler to provide a light spray and get ready with a cheap bottle of shampoo or washing-up liquid to keep the surface slippery. A thrilling activity that will keep the kids (and adults) coming back for more.

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