9 Kids Outdoor Activities For the Summer

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    With the weather warming up and long summer days ahead, it's time to turf the kids outdoors and switch off indoor gadgets. Take inspiration from days gone by and introduce youngsters to some of the games you used to play as a child. These classic outdoor games are great fun for both adults and kids and are guaranteed to keep youngsters amused all summer long. Here's a handy guide to nine of the best:
    9 Kids Outdoor Activities For the Summer
    1. Simon Says
    This traditional, fun game involves having someone designated as Simon. Players need to follow the instructions when Simon says to do something. They must only do what Simon says when the 'Simon says' command is given. Be careful not to get caught out!
    Simon Says
    2. Stuck in the Mud
    This energetic game is great for getting kids moving and will provide hours of entertainment. The idea is to have one person 'on' who has to chase other players and tag them. Once a person has been tagged, they can't move and are stuck in the mud! Other players can release those stuck by going through their legs or under their arms. The game continues until everyone is stuck in the mud.
    Stuck in the Mud
    3. Duck, Duck, Goose
    For this exciting game, players sit in a circle. The player who's 'it' walks around the circle, saying if each person is a duck or a goose. Anyone named a goose runs around the circle and chases the 'it' person, trying to tap them before they take the place of the goose's spot. When you hear, ‘duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!’ RUN!
    Duck, Duck, Goose
    4. Hide and Seek
    This good old-fashioned game requires little explanation, and is top fun for kids and adults of any age, whether you're doing the hiding or the seeking. Ready or not here I come!
    Hide and Seek
    5. Water Balloon Fights
    When the mercury level rises, this is a fabulous game for cooling kids down in the sun. Not only will it keep them giggling for ages, but they'll demand to play this time and again over the summer. Adapt the game and play hot potato with your ticking time bomb water balloons.

    6. Off Ground Tick
    This fun adaptation of the traditional tag game lets kids get more imaginative during play. The idea of the game is to have someone 'on' who chases others and tries to tick them. Anyone who gets off the ground, such as standing on a bench, fence, wall or up a tree, is safe from getting caught.
    Off Ground Tick
    7. Red Rover
    This classic playground game is ideal if you have a group of kids over. They form two lines facing each other, with each member holding hands. One person from each line tries to break through the opposing line. If they succeed, they join that team and pick another person to have a go. When one team has collected all the players, they're the winners.
    Red Rover
    8. Hopscotch
    Grab some chalk, find a pavement and get hopping on the numbered squares, as you bring this eternally classic kids' game back into fashion.

    9. May I?
    This traditional game sees mother giving out instructions to players which they must follow by asking 'Mother, may I?' Mother can decide yes or no, with the first person reaching mother as the winner. If you hear, ‘yes you may’, you are one step closer to being victorious.
    May I

    Thanks to Glorious Girly Gifts also for boys too! For their top nine outdoor games. Have they missed any off? Tell us what outdoor games you love to play.
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    Water Balloon Fights