Baby Bath Time - 7 Fun-filled Bath Time Ideas.

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    There is a time, which we all dread when our pre-schooler runs when we say “tubby time”. Since, baths are a necessity, we have come up with some ideas to make bath-time fun for pre-schoolers AND grownups! By using everyday items you have around the house, you can turn bath time into play time!

    7 fun-filled bath time ideas:Baby-Bath-Time

    1. Bubbles - Pour a little bit of bubbles in a cup and give a bunch of different shaped bubble wands. They will have fun blowing bubble while you can wash their hair with ease.
    2. Cups & Cooking Gadgets – Pre-schoolers love playing pretend cooking or pouring water from one cup to the other. Sometimes ask them to make hot chocolate, coffee, etc. Instead of putting up a struggle, they will be focused on the task. If they start to get frazzled, distract by asking “can you please put some milk in my coffee”. It works every time!
    3. Plastic Toys - Give your child plastic, bath-safe toys of different weights. Play the Sinking Game. Hold up two toys and ask “which do you think will sink first”. 
    4. Mega Blocks - Yes, bring a handful of big mega blocks into the bath and let your little one build away. When finished using them in the bath, just throw them in the dishwasher to clean.
    5. Squirt Gun - This is probably our favourite. They know they can have fun squirting their toys in the bath but not the walls or anything not outside the bath or mummy! Ask them to wash the bath for you. They can “clean” the walls and then give them a wash cloth to dry.
    6. Straws - Show your child how to hold the straw above the bath bubbles and blow (without sucking in water). They will get a kick out of making designs in the bath.
    7. Glow Sticks - Turn out the lights and give your child a glow stick for club tubby time. This is great to pull out during the much-hated hair washing time. 

    Hope you find some of these tips helpful!

    Happy Bath time

    The Small Steps Team

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