Baby hand and foot print painting

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    For adults, messy play can be a lot of work and feel stressful. However, there are many benefits to messy play. Early childhood education experts say that play is the work of the child. This is true for all kids, but especially for babies and toddlers. Don’t be afraid of the mess. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy some messy play time with your little one.

    The Codsall Hive are experts in messy play offering a host of creative and learning experiences including Pottery Painting, Busy Little Bee pre-schooler art sessions and Baby Banter messy baby mornings. Here's a fun idea you can do at home with your baby, or bring them to The Hive to make those important keepsakes!

    What you need to make a baby hand or foot print painting.
    • Sticky backed contact paper.
    • A canvas.
    • Poster paints in a variety of colours.

    How to make a baby hand or foot print painting.
    1. Cut out whatever word or name you wish the canvas to read.
    2. Stick the letter onto the canvas. 
    3. Paint your baby's hands or feet then get them to stamp their prints all over the canvas in a variety of colours
    4. The more prints the better particularly around the letters. 
    5. Once dried remove the sticky letters.
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