Easter Bonnet Paper Plate.

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    The Easter Bonnet is a long standing tradition for the Christian nations. Encourage the kids at your home to make their own Easter bonnets with some simple materials. Let them enjoy this pleasurable Easter activity. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.
    Easter Bonnet Easter Bonnet Paper Plate
    What you will need to make a Easter Bonnet Paper Plate
    • Paper plate
    • Paper bowl
    • Glue
    • Poster paint
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Decorations of your choice (Easter chicks, artificial flowers etc)
    How to make a Easter Bonnet Paper Plate:
    1. Place your paper bowl up-side-down on top of your paper plate.
    2. Draw a circle 2cm wider than the bowl onto your plate.
    3. Cut around the circle you have just drawn.
    4. Place your paper bowl up-side-down onto your paper plate and glue them in place.
    5. This should now reassemble a hat shape.
    6. You can now paint your hat in pretty Easter colours.
    7. So your hat stays on your head, you need to cut four slits in the hat.
    8. Cut two slits next to where you glued the bowl to the plate, these should be about 3mm away from each other, then repeat this on the opposite side.
    9. Now starting underneath the hat, thread the ribbon through the first slit and down through the second slit.
    10. Guide the ribbon underneath the hat and up through the first slit on the opposite side, then thread the ribbon back down through the second slit.
    11. Glue your chosen decorations onto your bonnet and leave to dry.
    12. When your Easter bonnet has dried, place it on your head and to secure the hat tie the ribbons underneath your chin.
    13. Enjoy wearing your Easter bonnet.
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