Easter eggs

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    These Easter eggs can be difficult to make if you are not careful, but with a little care and attention you will be able to craft a beautiful and unique Easter gift that everyone will want. It is vitally important the glue is given enough time to fully harden otherwise the egg will collapse when the balloon is popped. These Easter eggs are perfect for an Easter egg hunt too!

    What you need to make the Easter egg. Easter egg Craft
    • Water balloons or very small regular balloons 
    • Craft glue 
    • Thin cotton or string (can be coloured) 
    • Scissors
    • A pin
    • Mini Easter eggs
    How to Make the Easter egg
    1. Add the mini eggs into the balloons
    2. Blow the balloons up part way until they are about the size of an egg!
    3. Mix equal parts of the glue and water in a disposable bowl.
    4. Hold a strand of the cotton/string by one end and dip into the glue mixture.
    5. Wrap it around the balloon 
    6. Repeat with the other strands of cotton/string in a random overlapping pattern, tucking any loose ends in until the balloon is evenly covered.
    7. Leave the egg to dry completely. Place on top of a radiator if required for faster drying!
    8. Once the egg is dry pop the balloon with the pin and carefully remove the balloon from the egg. 
    9. Decorate as you wish and give as an Easter treat. 

    Original Easter egg treat from little birdie invitations and designs.
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    Easter egg Craft