Hartbeeps Preschool Music-based Development Class

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    Make Believe Musical Classes for Babies & Young Children Suitable from Birth

    "This baby music class is like no other....It's developmental, informative for parents, huge fun for children and their parents alike. The songs are really different, catchy and stay in your head all day. The backing soundtracks used in class make you feel like you are part of a magical wonderland. I recommend that all parents try to attend a Hartbeeps music class with their child.... It makes for wonderful memories too..." Luke's Mummy, Sept 2011.

    Hartbeeps is an innovative preschool music-based development class. Sessions are heavily focused on play development and are a completely different experience to traditional music & movement classes. Each week, an everyday environment, such as 'bath-time', is explored as grown-ups and children work together to build a colourful, tactile wonderland to the backdrop of emotive and original music.

    Highly sensory sessions use innovative props, dress-up, role-play, puppetry, special lighting effects, and even scents, to help inspire little ones' creative development. Each session is seamlessly tailored to the Government's guidelines for education - the Early Years Foundation Stage.

    Classes are split into three age/ stage ranges:

    Babybells: birth to sitting

    Offering mother and baby beautiful music, beautiful songs, beautiful sensory experiences, beautiful bonding time and a space to just ’be’ with baby and new friendships to last a life time.

    Taking principles from baby yoga and the Doula philosophy, along with baby calming techniques, we offer this original experience to a backdrop of contemporary songs, lullabies and beautiful music.

    Babybells has been created for babies in order to offer mummies a practical tool kit of lullabies, rhymes, tickle tunes, creative movement, relaxation and songs that are both informative and we hope delightful!

    During the programme we explore sensory activities to stimulate baby and gentle music and movement to relax mummies and baby. We also create a space and time for mummy and baby to connect at deeper levels, communicating verbally and non-verbally. Each class is a sound journey and as we guide the group through, we hope that participants feel a sense of flow and will soon settle into our magical world.

    Sessions are ‘baby lead’, so if baby needs feeding, changing or comforting in any way, their needs are met within the group setting, so mum and baby can stay connected with the process.

    Session Leaders act as facilitators offering ideas and songs, and gently encouraging mummies to mirror and model for their baby. Baby will love their mummy for giving him/her quality time and mummies may even find that they connect with their inner child and have fun too!!

    BabyBeeps: sitting to walking

    Rich in language development, Babybeeps sessions take babies and grown-ups to 'Babyland' - a place where everyday activities and routines are turned into 'sing song' events, with happy claps and puppet characters.

    Happy House: walking to 4 years

    Original and traditional songs are used in each themed session.
    Our Magical Recipe for Delicious Sound Journeys

    1. Take a large portion of state of the art music technology and mix with a talented Hartbeeps session leader.
    2. Pour over plenty of BIG FUN songs, beautiful sensory music and top with some magic sprinkles.
    3. Add some larger than life drama, over-sized gestures, fabulous facial expressions and mix it up.
    4. You can never have enough kindness and empathy so pile on dollops and dollops. It’s very healthy, so don’t hold back.
    5. Add oodles of enthusiasm from the little people that take part in sessions and this will make the Sound Journey irresistible.
    6. Whilst the mixture marinades, take some time to observe and listen to these clever little folk. We learn so much from them and maybe discover   something new about ourselves too.
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