How to Make a Spooky Halloween Bird Feeder

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    While you are decorating your house and putting out treats (or tricks) for the neighbours this Halloween, make sure you don’t forget to involve your favourite feathered friends. Why not jazz up your garden this autumn with your very own Spooky Pumpkin Bird Feeder?


    What do I need?


    • A pumpkin (of course)
    • Twine or rope to hang it
    • Good quality bird feed


    Find the perfect pumpkin

    How to make a Spooky Halloween Bird Feeder


    Although almost any pumpkin will do the job, look for one you think will hold the most seed to invite more birds. Here is what you should be looking for:


    Flat bottom - a wide, flat bottom will help keep the pumpkin steady. Avoid the pumpkins with stems at the side as it may cause it to tip over, which won’t impress the birds!


    Depth - the larger the pumpkin, the better. A pumpkin with a deep well will hold more seed, which means more birds can enjoy your treats.


    After you have wiped down the pumpkin of any dirt and debris you can begin the fun stuff!


    The First Cut (this part is for adults only!). Firstly, keep the children at a safe distance for this part. Using a sharp knife, (very) safely remove the top of the pumpkin. We recommend turning it on its side and carving it that way. This will mean you will end up with a lovely wide bowl shape.


    Next is the messy bit that kids will love! Grab a large spoon and scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin. If you have a compost heap you can add the discarded pumpkin there.


    Allow your child to get creative and draw on some spooky Halloween faces, make sure they aren’t too scary though, they might scare away the birds! For extra effects you could part carve out the faces (again this is for adults only!).


    Last job for the adults - poke a couple of holes a few inches below the top edges of the pumpkin and thread some twine through the sides. Poke another two holes through the pumpkin so it crosses under the first twine.


    Time for treats

    How to make a Spooky Halloween Bird Feeder


    Now that everything is looking spooky, you can begin filling it up with the birds’ favourite treats. We suggest a combination of blended seeds and sunflower hearts by our friends over at Kennedy Bird Food, as typical garden birds find them delicious.

    Where to place your new feeder

    How to make a Spooky Halloween Bird Feeder

    Because these feeders are so simple to make, they can be placed pretty much anywhere. The seasonal decoration will look amazing on the front porch, on the patio or by the flowerbeds. Several of these pumpkin feeders can even be used together to make fun and noticeable autumn decorations.

    Something to remember

    These pumpkin feeders won’t last forever. As soon as they start to become a little withered, it’s time to throw them away, or better yet, compost it.
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