How to make a homemade Water Sprinkler.

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    You only need a few things to make our homemade Water Sprinkler; a push pin, a bamboo skewer, a clean empty 2-litre bottle, and a quick trip to the DIY store to get what they call a 3/4 inch female x 3/4 female swivel hose adapter. We also got some extra hose washers to help seal up the leaks. 

    The first thing you want to do is to rinse the empty 2-litre bottle and take off the label. Put one of the washers inside one side of the adapter (the side that is going to fit over the bottle) and twist it on and secure tightly to the 2-litre bottle.  By the way, the swivel adapter does come with a black washer already in it; we added the second one to stop any leaks.

    Next get a push pin and poke holes along the bottle in an even pattern. Next take a bamboo skewer and widen each of the holes a bit.

    It only takes a few minutes to put this whole thing together. Once complete, take it outside and attach it to a garden hose, then hang from a frame or a tree.  We started with the water pressure on low and watched the 2-litre bottle fill up and then the water suddenly squirted out of the top.  Yes; it works!

    Homemade water sprinkler

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