How to make your own DIY Water Blob

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    Keep the kids entertained for hours with a Water Blob. With the weather nice and warm, what better way to get your little ones playing outdoors?

    You can make these fantastic DIY Water Blobs in about half an hour and it will only cost you about £20. Here is what you will need in order to turn this project into reality:

    • Heavy duty painter’s plastic sheeting  – any size (example  here is 10×25ft roll, and cut it down to about 10×20ft) 
    • parchment paper 
    • an iron a hose 
    • (optional) colouring and glitter

    The trick here is to not use tape to attach the sheets to each other, but an iron. The heat of the iron creates a seal which prevents leaks much better than any glue or tape might achieve. Cut two sheets of plastic to your desired shape and size. Cut and fold the parchment paper over the edges and seal with the iron on its hottest setting. Then, it’s time to fill it with water. You could also add some colouring or glitter to make it even more fun for the kids. Once filled to the desired amount, seal the gap you used to add water and you’re all done!


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