TinyTalk Teach You and Your Baby How to Baby Sign

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    TinyTalk run sessions to teach you and your baby how to baby sign to help you communicate before your baby can talk or even form a word. You can be so much more connected to your baby!

    It’s lots of fun with lots of singing, movement and interaction as well as signing. Plus, after the songs and the signs there’s playtime for the babies and social time for mum – a chance to chat, chill out and catch up over a hot drink and a chocolate biscuit.

    Baby signing not only helps you communicate with your baby but helps you understand what your baby wants, removing the guess work, for example, I want my milk or my food, or my teeth hurt, meaning less tears all round. And as we all know, happy babies mean happy carers!

    Through sign your baby can express him/herself and what is happening in their world. For example, they can see a duck, the man has got a hat on or they can hear a dog barking. It’s a proud moment for them when you know what they are talking about and praise them for signing and a proud moment for you too!

    I got so much out of it with both my sons when they were little. It supported their language development and reduced frustration on both sides. It was wonderful being able to understand each other. I had so much fun that I now enjoy supporting others to reap the same benefits as we had.

    Each class is an hour long split into half an hour of songs and signs and half an hour of social and play time and of course a cuppa. Why not give it a try?

    You bring yourselves and your singing voices; we’ll bring the fun, the learning and the biscuits!

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