Toilet Tube Easter Bunny Rabbit Family

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    Have a fun time with your kids by creating an entire rabbit family this Easter, it' will keep your little ones busy playing long after they're done making this fun craft activity.

    What you will require for the bunny rabbit family. Toilet tube Easter Bunny Rabbit Family
    • Acrylic craft paint
    • 3 cardboard toilet tubes
    • 1 cardboard paper kitchen towel tube
    • 7 miniature pink or orange pom-poms 
    • felt 
    • hot glue 
    • black marker
    • scissors
    How to make the bunny rabbit family
    1. Cut the cardboard tubes as follows. You will end up with 5 baby bodies, 2 adult bodies and 14 ears
    2. Paper kitchen towel tube - cut a 4.5" piece for dad
    3. Paper kitchen towel tube cut a 4" piece for mum plus five 1/2" ears 
    4. Cardboard toilet tube #1 - cut two 1.5" bodies plus two 1/2" ears
    5. Cardboard toilet tube #2 - cut two 1.5" bodies plus two 1/2" ears
    6. Cardboard toilet tube #3 - Cut one 1.5" body plus five 1/2" ears
    7. Let your little ones paint each tube, inside and out, and a set of ears (cut to make them pointy) to go with each body.
    8. Run a line of hot glue inside the ear and squeeze it closed to flatten it.
    9. Hot glue the ears to the top inside of the cardboard tube body. 
    10. Decorate as desired.
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