Top Tips to get your children to love gardening

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    It might seem difficult to juggle growing your own food alongside a busy family life but it’s important we teach our children where their food comes from; so here are a few starter tips to get your kids enjoying gardening life:

    • Don’t make it sound like a job
      Instead of saying to your child(ren) ‘No playing today, we have a ton of jobs to do at the allotment/in the garden’, it sounds more fun to say ‘It’s a lovely day, we are going to get the toys out the shed and spend the day playing in the garden/at the allotment.’

    • Pre-plan fun games
      Whether you are in your garden or at an allotment kids will happily ride their bike or kick a ball around for a while and then want entertaining, as a parent our job is to teach them to entertain themselves so plan some activities the night before for that moment you hear those dreaded words ‘I’m bored’. One of my children’s favourite games is digging for treasure and ‘precious’ stones and don’t forget the old favourite, making mud pies.

    • Take snacks
      It is a rookie mistake to leave the house without snacks however as parents we have all done it and suffered the consequences. Take fruit and drinks and a little treat doesn’t hurt, get them baking shortbread with you the night before, always a hit.

    • Let them help
      Your kids are more likely to enjoy something if they are allowed to get involved. Yes I have many people on the plot that have well mapped out plots with a place for everything and everything in its place, however you cannot expect your children to appreciate where their food comes from if they aren’t allowed to have a go at planting things themselves. Let them have a little veg space for their own seeds.

    • Get them some kit
      Children love dressing up and playing make believe games so get them some gardening kit. Pound shops and the like do little watering cans and trowels to make them feel just as special as you getting their wellies on and their tools together.

    Article written by Guest Blogger Louisa Jones, a married mother of three girls and a freelance writer with a keen interest in gardening.

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    Top Tips to get your children to love gardening