Witches Bubbling Cauldron

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    Sitting down to do arts and crafts with your children is not without its challenges and things won’t always go to plan; but with a little preparation it is also one of the most rewarding activities to do for both you and your little ones.

    Nicola from Multicraftingmummy has some fantastic ideas to keep your little ones entertained, especially when the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor fun. We caught up with Nicola and asked her to share some of her favourite arts and crafts ideas.

    “I’m Nicola and I blog over at, where I share my ideas and experiences of the arts and crafts activities that I do with my three children aged 2, 4 and 6. My ideas are all simple and easy to achieve. Arts and crafts have always played an important part in my role as a stay at home mum. After having my first child I couldn’t wait until he was old enough to start painting, colouring, making and sticking. Thankfully, he along with my following two children have all shared this desire and we have great fun making and creating our own mini masterpieces each week. Painting with three young children is certainly not without its challenges, but the rewards certainly outweigh the post-paint session clean up operation and the odd temper tantrum.

    We have been keeping busy this month with lots of spooky Halloween activities. Including mixing up some “Witches Discovery Brew” and making “Monsters”.  

    We have also made some “Witches Bubbling Cauldron” pictures, which we would like to share with you today.”

    How to make a Witches Bubbling Cauldron Picture.
    1. Cut out a cauldron shape from black paper and glue this onto a sheet of white paper.
    2. Mix up some green “Potion Paint” by adding a squirt of washing up liquid into a cup along with a splodge of green paint and a dash of water. Add in a straw and blow into the straw to make lots and lots of big bubbles.
    3. Take your sheet of paper and place this down onto the bubbles to leaves green bubble prints behind on your paper. 
    4. Scrunch up some red, yellow and orange tissue paper and glue this underneath the cauldron to make the fire burning underneath to make the potion bubble!
    How to make a Witches Bubbling Cauldron Picture
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