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Every parent wants their children to be safe weather it be inside or outside so Small Steps have put together some safety information.


Summertime Safety in the Sun – protection of babies and toddlersSummertime Safety in the Sun – protection of babies and toddlers

Small Steps has teamed up with the The Beach Factory, the leading retailer of fashionable and functional UV swimwear for children and other sun and holiday related products to provide some simple but effective safety in the sun advice.

First Aid knowledge - FACT or MYTH?

Baby and Toddler First Aid knowledge - FACT or MYTH.

Baby and Toddler First Aid knowledge - FACT or MYTH?

Many new mums and dads lack basic first aid knowledge and believe they know what to do in various scenarios when in fact they don't.
How many FACTS do you know? How many MYTHS do you wrongly believe as true?

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Safe and Sound


First Aid for New Parents

Having a new baby is such a special time in your life but for many parents it is a step into the unknown.

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Babies and Pets can co-exist!

Family Pet

Babies and Pets can Co-Exist!

Just as your new baby will turn your life upside down, it will do the same for your pet!

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Improving Child Safety– how can we all help

Improving Child Safety how can we all helpImproving Child Safety– how can we all help?

As part of Child Safety Week 2012, Small Steps are working with the Safe Network to highlight how we can all help to improve baby, toddler and child safety.

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Child Safety Week

Small steps to safety 

Did you know that the majority of accidents that occur in the home are easily preventable?

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Home Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety

As any parent with young children will tell you, life is often one big rush and it’s hard to make time for everything you need to do.

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Tips From Rospa

Keeping your baby safe is often a major concern for new parents but among all the pressures of parenthood some important steps can be forgotten........

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Which Car Seat

Understanding which car seat is right for your baby or toddler can be a daunting task......

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