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Lindam Stairgate

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    For Safety and Piece of Mind

    As babies turn to inquisitive and boisterous toddlers what every parent needs is a stair gate, whether it be to keep children in a safe place, out of a kitchen, or from falling down the stairs.

    I have been using Lindam stairgates  since my son started to crawl as the perfect way to keep him safe.  We have a number through out the house one on the lounge door, one on the kitchen door and one at both the top and bottom of the stairs.   Having  the stairgates has give me the piece of mind that he is safe even when I am making a cup of tea or supper because I can see him but he can’t get hurt and they give him the comfort that he can still see me.  Having gates on the stairs means that my son can come upstairs with me and help whilst I do things or play in his bedroom and again I know that he will be safe.

    The Lindam stairgate is easy to fit within a standard doorframe but also expands if the space is a little bit bigger than normal and can be removed quickly and efficiently if you need to move it to somewhere else in the home.  The stairgates are fast to clean meaning that they are hygienic to use on a kitchen door.  The one handed clasp to open the gate is great so that you can get into rooms whilst holding your baby but secure enough so that children can not  open  it when parents are not looking.

    Overall I think that the Lindam stairgate is a must for any home that has children in them, they are great value for money and simple enough to fit that even Daddy can do it!

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