Finger Food Caterpillar

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    A hungry caterpillar for a hungry little one!

    Finger Food Caterpiller

    • 2 carrot and tomato rice cakes
    • ¼ red pepper
    • 4cm piece of celery
    • ¼ cherry tomato
    • 6 thin slices cucumber
    • 8 nibs of sweetcorn
    • 1 small salad leaf
    How to make a finger food caterpillar
    1. Cut the red pepper into eight little squares, about 1cm square. Plus two little triangles. Cut the celery into two long thin sticks for antenna. 
    2. Create your picture: Layer the cucumber slices in a caterpillar wiggle across the plate. Add a rice cake head and a rice cake sun. Add red pepper feet and eyes, a tomato smile, antenna and a leafy snack. Finally add sweet corn sun rays.

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