Mini Pea and Cheese Frittata

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    These mini pea and Cheese frittatas are the perfect baby led weaning lunch or dinner recipe; They take mere moments to prepare, once in the oven these little pea and Cheese Frittata only take ten minutes or so to bake until golden.

    This recipe is also brilliant because it's very adaptable. The peas can be replaced with pretty much any vegetable you have sitting in your fridge, you could use leftover roasted sweet potato and pumpkin which is just as appetising.  Thinly sliced asparagus is scrummy too!

    Mini Pea and Cheese Frittata


    • 4 medium free range eggs
    • A handful of frozen peas
    • A handful of grated cheddar cheese
    • 50ml of breast or whole milk
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    How to make Mini Pea and Cheese Frittata 

    1. Using a piece of kitchen paper and a small amount of extra virgin olive oil, grease the insides of a 12 bun fairy cake tin.
    2. Cook, drain and mush using a fork, the frozen peas then add to a bowl with the eggs, cheese and milk and whisk together.
    3. Pour the mixture into the fairy cake tin filling each well to the top then bake in a pre heated oven (180) for fifteen minutes. 
    4. When cooked, turn out on to a plate and wait for them to cool before serving.



    Recipe from  Rock N Roll Baby.

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