First Fruits Puree

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    Ideal first food to try for your baby, to help introduce them to solid food. Choose only sweet fruit that is completely ripe for your baby's fruit purees. Once they are accustomed to eating an apple or a pear fruit puree on its own, try combining the two fruits. 
    First Fruits Puree

    From 6 months
    Suitable for freezing
    Preparation: 5 minutes
    Cooking: 8 minutes for apples; 3 – 4 minutes for pears

    Fruit Puree Ingredients
    • 2 medium eating apples or ripe pears, peeled and cored
    • 3 tbsp pure apple juice or boiled water (ripe pears may not need any liquid added)  

    How to make Fruit Puree
    1. Chop your chosen fruit into small even sized pieces.
    2. Put these into a heavy based saucepan with the apple juice or water. (If the pears are ripe you probably don’t need to add any liquid).
    3. Cover the pan and cook over a low heat (about 6 mins for apples and 3 mins for pears) until the fruit is tender.
    4. Alternatively steam the fruit for the same length of cooking time.
    5. Blend the fruit to a smooth puree using an electric hand blender.
    6. If steaming you can add some of the liquid from the bottom of the steamer to the apples.
    7. For the pear puree you can stir a little baby rice into the puree to thicken it up a little.
    8. Spoon a little puree into your baby’s bowl and serve lukewarm. Pour the remainder into an ice cube tray and freeze. 

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