Papaya puree

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    Papaya is a sweet, tropical fruit which will give your baby a new flavour to enjoy. When buying papaya look for an orange blush on its yellow-green skin to tell when it's ripe. Papayas are nutritious and a good source of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

    Papaya puree

    • 1 ripe papaya 
    How to make Papaya puree
    1. Cut the papaya in half
    2. Scoop out the black seeds and throw them away. 
    3. Carefully use a small sharp knife to cut the skin away from the flesh. 
    4. Slice the fruit into small chunks and mash to a purée with a fork. 
    5. To add different textures try adding a small amount of baby rice or mashed banana. 

    With thanks to the Small Steps home cooking team.

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