Strawberry and Cinnamon Toasties

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    The perfect breakfast in bed recipe! Surprise mum at the weekend or on Mother’s Day with this easy yet impressive toastie, which is also delicious made with fruit bread.
    Strawberry and Cinnamon Toasties

    • 14 strawberries
    • 4 slices of brioche or white bread
    • 1tbsp sugar
    • 40g unsalted butter at room temperature
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    How to make strawberry and cinnamon toasties
    1. Slice the strawberries and add a sprinkle of sugar, crush them a little in a bowl with a fork and set aside, leaving a couple of slices whole to decorate at the end.
    2. Switch on your toastie maker to warm up then butter the brioche with a thin layer of butter. Beat the remaining butter and sugar with the cinnamon.
    3. Put two piece of bread, butter side down, into the toastie maker. Spread the cinnamon butter on the exposed sides then top with slices of strawberry. If lots of juice has come out of the strawberries leave that behind in the bowl.
    4. Put the two remaining pieces of brioche on top, butter side up and close the lid of the toastie maker. Once the toasties are done, remove them from the machine and cut each into two triangles. Leave them for a few minutes to cool a little then serve with the strawberry slices placed over the top

    If you don’t have a toastie maker you can toast one side of each slice then spread with the cinnamon butter. Make the sandwich with the toasted bread facing in and turn it in a hot frying pan to brown the outside and warm through. 

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