Egg Fried Rice

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    Egg Fried Rice is an easy toddler recipe for all the family to enjoy...
    You can adapt it to suit you and your family. Why not add some chicken or ham!

    Egg Fried Rice


    • 1 mug of rice
    • 2 mugs of water
    • 3 - 4 eggs, beaten
    • handful frozen mixed veg
    • 3 onions (or 1 large red onion)
    • 4 - 6 closed cup mushrooms
    • 3 tbsp soy sauce
    • butter and oil for frying

    How to make Egg Fried Rice

    1. Boil the rice for about 20 minutes. Drain in a sieve with boiling water from the kettle to remove the starch. This can be done earlier in the day or the day before if need be. 
    2. Heat up some butter in a frying pan. Add the beaten eggs, and stir with a wooden spoon for a few minutes until lightly scrambled. Place to one side.
    3. Thinly slice the onions and mushrooms and fry them up in 1 tbsp oil. In a seperate saucepan boil the veg, then drain when ready. Once the onions and mushrooms are softened, add the veg, egg and rice. Mix well.
    4. Add in the soy sauce and keep on the heat, stirring, for another minute or two.
    Recipe kindly provided by Chelle Shaftoe.
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