Easter Bunny Sandwiches

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    Your little ones won't be able to resist these. For the whiskers thin strips of cucumber or the ends of a spring onion, the nose a piece of carrot, pepper for the mouth and raisins for the eyes. No waste of ham either as what doesn't fit in the sandwich is used for the ears.
    Easter Bunny Sandwiches

    • soft white bread
    • butter or your favourite spread 
    • ham - your little ones favourite 
    • strips of cucumber or spring onion ends 
    • piece of carrot
    • bell pepper
    • raisins.

    How to make Easter Bunny Sandwiches
    1. use a tea cup saucer as a template to cut around the soft white bread to make the bunny's face. You will need two for one sandwich 
    2. cut the bunny's ears out of more of the soft white bread. You could make a template form a piece of card first. You will need two for one sandwich.
    3. butter the cut-out bunny's face and place the ham in the bunny's face as if you were making a normal sandwich.
    4. do the same for the ears but leave as an open sandwich. 
    5. arrange the bunny face and ears on a pate
    6. use a piece of the bell pepper to make the bunny's mouth
    7. shape the piece of carrot to from the nose
    8. cut thin slivers of cucumber to make the bunny's whiskers or you can use the green ends from spring onions.
    9. place the raisins for eyes and your done! 

    With thanks to the Small Steps home cooking team. 
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