Breadstick Sparklers

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    WOW what a fantastic fun recipe to do with your little one; Breadstick Sparklers! There is not much to this recipe which makes it ideal for little people to make and eat! The idea for this recipe is to have fun in the kitchen with your little one, introducing fine motor skills in an enjoyable way. The end result is a sparkling treat that will be an eye catch edible display at any toddler’s party, bonfire party or any party! 
    Breadstick Sparklers

    • Breadsticks
    • Melted white and milk chocolate or icing
    • Edible holographic glitter
    • Your choice of hundreds and thousands (there are many to choose from)
    How to make Breadstick Sparklers
    1. Take one of the breadsticks and dip an end into the melted chocolate icing (be careful as the chocolate is hot).
    2. Dip into hundreds and thousands and then holographic glitter
    3. Put the breadsticks in mug or similar container while they set – this takes about 1 -2 mins.
    4. Stand back in awe as the breadsticks have been transformed into breadstick sparklers!
    5. Serve on their own or with a chocolate fountain for a really chocolatey treat at a party! 

    With thanks to the Small Steps home cooking team. 
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