Banana Ghosts

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    Banana Ghosts (and fruity orange pumpkins) are deliciously spooky, and will get little ones eating lots of healthy fruit. These Banana Ghosts and fruity pumpkins, will look spooky at any Halloween party. 

    Banana Ghosts

    • 4 small bananas (or a couple of large ones cut in half)
    • 4 small satsumas, oranges or clementines 
    To decorate:
    • Dried fruit such as raisins (try Organix Goodies Raisins) 
    • Kiwi fruit
    How to make Banana Ghosts
    1. Cut the bottom off each of the bananas, so you have a flat end to help them stand upright.
    2. Near the pointy end pop a couple of raisins on as eyes, you can always cut the raisins in two if they’re too big. (Top Tip, if they don’t stick try using a little purée of your choice or maple syrup)

    How to make ‘orange pumpkin’
    1. Peel whatever orange fruit your using, and keep your fruit whole.
    2. For the decoration, peel and slice a kiwi fruit. Cut a slice in half and then cut each half into 3 (so you have triangles / pie shapes) and pop a Kiwi triangle into the top of your orange where all the segments meet. 

    Recipe from Organix. 
    Organix No Junk Challange
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