What Books to Read Your Toddler?

Reading books with your toddler is a great way to bond and promotes a lot of skills which they can hone while reading. It helps develop creativity, communication, critical thinking, and speaking skills. It also develops traits such as patience, preference, and concentration. Not only does the practice of reading help with your child’s development, but it also has something to do with the reading material.
Many children’s books are written with inspiring content, moral stories, humor, and real-life situations. Picking out a book to read with your toddler is up to you on what kind of …

How Functional Play is Both Fun and Healthy

Functional play is defined as their “first play” whereas they play with a toy with its intended function. An example is playing with a ball by rolling. Another thing considered as functional play is when they do an action repeatedly which entertains them. It can be the simple act of spinning the wheels on a toy car or even the throwing of toys.
The colors, shapes, textures, and functions of a toy will help your toddler learn. It is also important to provide toys that are safe regardless of whether they suck on the toy or throw it across the room; it should always be up to safety standards …

How to Enjoy Your Vacation with a Toddler

Going on a vacation sounds divine as you get to relax from all the stress from work. However, vacations are different now that you have a toddler in your life. They are no longer the usual sleeping-all-day type like they used to be when they were still a baby.
Instead, they are now full of energy with needed naps in between. That said, here are some tips that will help you survive and enjoy your vacation with your toddler:
Plan What Type of Trip that Accommodates Everyone
When planning your trip, take into consideration something that your toddler will also enjoy. Sightseeing …

How to Deal with Self-Harm During a Toddler Tantrum

Tantrums are not a new thing when dealing with toddlers as they have not yet fully grasped or developed vocalizing what they are feeling. It can be alarming to see during a tantrum for your toddler to hurt themselves. It is possible that your toddler may be very frustrated with his inability to express himself. This can lead to self-harm during a tantrum.
It can be scary to see, but there are things you can do to help your toddler overcome and avoid it. Every time your toddler self-harm during a tantrum, assess what could have triggered them. A visible pattern can help you notice and remove …

How to Clean and Sterilize Baby Bottles and the Likes

Sterilizing and keeping your baby bottles, bottle nipples, and pacifiers are important in keeping your baby safe from diseases.
Bisphenol-A is an issue concerning older manufactured plastic bottles. BPA is a chemical used in the material, polycarbonate, which makes up most plastic utensils including baby bottles. It is a better alternative to steer clear of baby eating items made of polycarbonate or use BPA-free items instead.
There are different methods you can follow in sterilizing your baby’s utensils. Here are some of them:

Get a container that is filled with tap …

Teeth Grinding in Toddlers

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a condition in which an individual’s jaw involuntarily contracts, causing them to grind their teeth. Most of the time this happens when they are asleep. Teeth grinding is common among children, so it should not alarm you.
It happens during the Rapid Eye Movement or REM stage of sleep when your toddler’s brain is active and dreams. As they are preoccupied with dreaming, they are not aware of the involuntary actions they are making.
Doctors are still stumped as to what is the main cause of bruxism or teeth grinding, but they have put together …

Teaching Your Toddler How to Write Their Name

One of the first things they teach your child in school is how to write their name as it helps develop their motor skills and give a sense of identity to your toddler. It would not hurt for you to teach them at home for them to get a headstart. Here are some methods on how to teach your toddler how to write their name:
Letter by letter
As their name is composed of letters, it is a good foundation to read each letter before tackling their full name. Point out each letter of their name one by one while saying it. You can exercise both visually and orally for them to familiarize with the…

How TV as Background Noise Can Affect Your Toddler

Having a television set is already considered the norm. It has become a household item that varies in usage from informing parents of news reports to entertaining children with televised kids’ shows. In most households, the television is turned on in the background most of the time even if no one is watching. Despite its normality, it may be bad for your child.
A study has shown that the background noise emitted by the television can cause negative effects on the development and learning ability of your toddler. Two groups of toddlers were tested with their learning ability with noise in the…

The Effects of Letting Your Toddler Sleep with You

Co-sleeping is a practice in which the child sleeps in the same bed as their parents or guardians for a part of the night or the entire night. Most families practice co-sleeping as a form of a bond between parent and child, and others do it to reduce the chances of their child waking up during the onset of a nightmare.
Families have mixed feelings regarding co-sleeping as some find it intimate as a family experience while some find it frustrating due to the bed having another occupant.
Many studies go against co-sleeping as it raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. One…