How do you cope with your toddles fears?

Toddler fears can make life miserable for all concerned. If they get out of hand, they can even be crippling to a child’s growth and development.

Coping with Toddlers Fears.

We’ve put together 11 Top Tips to help your toddler deal with fears

  1. Acknowledge that the fears are real. They may be irrational, but they are – like adult fears – real. Ignoring fear isn’t likely to help. In fact, pretending a fear doesn’t exist often intensifies it and/or makes it the basis of a lot of other fear (a fear of birds may grow into a fear of all animals; a fear of spiders may beget a fear of all insects).
  2. …but don’t force your toddler to confront them head-on, either. A sink-or-swim approach is rarely effective when it comes to fears. Forcing a toddler who is afraid of dogs to pet the neighbour’s collie; dunking a toddler afraid of water in the swimming pool; or insisting that a toddler afraid of monsters checks under the bed for that nocturnal nemesis could turn a fear into a phobia. Admonishing ‘be brave’ or ‘don’t act like a baby’ is also bad medicine. Instead, follow a fear-reduction programme that combines sensitive support and understanding with gradual exposure.

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