4 easy homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (in case you need to remind any men!) and yes, all Mums (and Grandmums!) love flowers, but nothing says “Thanks” more than a Mother’s Day gift from the heart, handmade by her little prince or princess – with help of course.

Whether you are strapped for cash or you simply want to create something special that Mum will remember fondly for years, these ideas are sure to make her day!

Mum’s Treasure Box

Any mum would love keeping her favourite trinkets and mementos in one of these hand-decorated treasure boxes.


What you’ll need:

  • Small box with a lid (you can buy a plain brown one at most large craft stores for a dollar or so)
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paintbrush or foam brush
  • Glue sealer
  • Assorted notions and trinkets for decorating, such as buttons, sequin, faux gems, and stickers
  • Tacky glue

How to make the Treasure Box:

  1. Cut pieces of scrapbook paper to cover each side of the box as well as the sides and top of the box lid. You can use one piece per section or fit together several small pieces collage-style.
  2. Attach the paper pieces by brushing glue sealer on the backs and then pressing them in place.
  3. Once the box is covered, seal the surface of the paper with glue sealer and let it dry.
  4. For the finishing decorative touches, glue on assorted notions and trinkets.

Hand Print Wall Hanging Craft

Discover how you can easily craft a special gift for Mother’s Day with your little one using a paper plate, a fancy ribbon, and a child’s hand print. Anyone mum who receives one of these as a gift will be very grateful.


What you need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors

How to make Hand Print Wall Hanging:

  1. Paint the palm side of a child’s whatever colour you desire. With a very young child, it may be easier to paint the bottom of a paper plate and press the child’s palm onto the paint to coat it.
  2. Press the painted hand onto the centre of a paper plate. Let the paint dry completely.
  3. Once the paint dries, glue the ribbon around the edge of the plate if desired. Use the ribbon to add a fancy bow to the front of the plate. You can also glue a small loop made out of ribbon to the back top of the plate to use as a hanger.
  4. To complete the hand print wall hanging gift, don’t forget to include the child’s name, age, and the date on the plate. If you want to add a little variety to this project, try this project using coloured paper plates.

Fingerprint Flower Cards

Children can have some messy fun making these Fingerprint Flower Cards – perfect for Mother’s Day.

What you’ll need:


  • Pink and purple paint
  • White paper
  • Pink card

How to make Fingerprint Flower Cards:

  1. On the white paper, print 3 flowers in a line. Use a purple finger print for the centre of the flower, and add pink fingerprints around the outside as petals.
  2. For the roses, dip a finger in pink paint and another in purple. Swirl the two fingers together in a spiral so the colours mix.
  3. Fold the card in half. Cut out the flowers and glue the painted strip down the front of the card.

Flower Petal Soap

This flower petal soap is a gift kids can make for Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day for a real bath-time treat!


What you need:

  • Soap compound
  • Essential oil
    Flower petals
  • Mould (yogurt pot)

How to make Flower Petal Soap:

  1. Melt the soap compound according to the package
  2. Stir in flower petals and a couple of drops of essential oil. Pour into the mould and leave until set.
  3. Placed in a piece of coloured cellophane and tied with ribbon this would make a lovely gift.
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