Summertime Tips – Travelling with babies, toddlers & young children

Looking for some top tips on how to make travelling with young children easier and less stressful? Even short journeys can be tricky if you aren’t properly organised; longer journeys can be be a real nightmare!

Have a read of our helpful travelling tips to make your journey easier.

  • Plan aheadSummertime Tips – Travelling with babies, toddlers & young children-Map

–       Allow plenty of time and try to be relaxed – if you are stressed or trying to get somewhere in a hurry, your child will pick up on this & is likely to become stressed too as a result!

–       If you can, choose your travel time

  • long journeys may be best done at night when your little ones will probably fall asleep very easily, even if they are excited by the trip! This can be hard on you as a parent, but it does mean you have a peaceful journey
  • if travelling by day, plan in plenty of stops so that your children don’t become too bored.
  • Be preparedSummertime Tips – Travelling with babies, toddlers & young children-Day Bag with toys

Whatever the length of the journey, always take:

–       a Journey Bag – a small bag to include spare nappies, wipes, kitchen towel, antiseptic cream, calpol, plasters and a couple of spare plastic bags (always come in handy!)

–       plenty of drinks & snacks – helpful if your journey is delayed

–       essential changes of clothing – there’s nothing worse than if your little one has a disaster  a few minutes into a journey and then you can’t change them!

–       Portable potty

–       For longer journeys, take a blanket – for your child to snuggle into

  • Take entertainment & activitiesSummertime Tips – Travelling with babies, toddlers & young children-Child in car

–       Small cuddly & other toys (cars, dolls etc)

–       Books, incl puzzle books

–       Colouring pads, crayons & stickers

–       Travel games – snap cards, connect etc

–       Music or story CDs

–       Electronic games & DVD players  – with spare batteries & car chargers!

–       Your children may also enjoy playing traditional travel games with you like “I Spy”

Toddlers and older children can even take their own little day bags, with all their precious bits & pieces in – it all adds to their enjoyment of the journey.

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