We review Real Nappies

There is a perception that real nappies are ‘hard work’, but they needn’t be. With today’s absorbent and quick drying modern designs, washing machines and the use of flushable liners, using real nappies couldn’t be easier. Parents choose cloth nappies for many different reasons such as reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill, the financial savings of using cloth nappies and the comfort and health benefits of helping to reduce nappy rash and minimizing their child’s exposure to chemicals.

Real nappies have come a long way from the soaking, folding, pin jabbing terry nappies that most people think of.  Modern cloth nappies use popper or velcro fastenings, are made of comfortable, soft fabrics and have no need for folding (unless you want to), some even come with the waterproof cover built in so that it is as simple to change as a disposable nappy.

Forget soaking nappies in a pail of water as the modern, easy way is to dry store dirty nappies in a lidded bucket until they are washed in the machine at 40°c with nappy sanitizer. Using a mesh liner in your bucket means you can lift the mesh with the nappies in it out of the bucket straight into the machine.   With most washing machines having a decent spin, many nappies come out the machine feeling almost dry and although nothing beats hanging cloth nappies on the line outside to dry, indoor drying on clothes rails or tumble drying is fine to.

Real Savings
Although the initial outlay may seem expensive for real nappies, the savings from not buying disposable nappies and wipes can be hundreds of pounds even when you take into consideration the costs of washing them at home.  The use of re-usable wipes, fabric liners
and your cloth nappies on a second baby will save you even more money.

Where can I find out more?
To find out more about using real nappies and for advice and sales please contact Vanessa at:
Cloth Nappy Shop,
Email: info@clothnappyshop.co.uk
Tel: 01793 815 013



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