Vic’s Pregnancy Blog: Week 16, Day 6

Afternoon all,

Week 16 Day 6…

This is the first day of my official Mummy Blogging, its so exciting and kind of making me feel like Carrie from Sex in the City. The only difference is I don’t have the fantastic clothes I have the maternity leggings that come up to your boobs, I don’t have the booze, I have elderflower water and I certainly don’t have the fantastic shoes as my trotters are too big to fit in them and they have been replaced by sensible pumps.

Anyway the day started off fantastically and I have dropped (dragged) Jack to nursery and I’m busy working on the Chester edition of Small Steps.

Keep you posted with my day.

Oh and just to let you know this will be a real account of my pregnancy so expect high’s and low’s.

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Keep waddling. Lol



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