How Many Servings of Vegetables Do I Feed my Toddler?

It is essential to train your kid early on how to eat vegetables as it is vital in their growth and development. It can be a challenge in feeding vegetables as most children don’t like the taste. In most cases, it often boils down to how the vegetable is cooked. Your kids may not like a vegetable cooked in a particular way but will like it when cooked differently.

Your toddler has to consume a cup of vegetables per day. It can be a variation of raw or cooked, depending on the vegetable. Some vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, stalks of celery, red or green pepper, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes can be served raw or cooked.

Other food items that they can consume are cooked greens such as spinach, raw lettuce, cooked mashed pumpkin, a large baked sweet potato, tofu, bean sprouts, and others.

Remember to always chop the vegetables into bite-size pieces to avoid any choking hazard and to also always keep an eye on them while they chow on their food.

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