House Is on Renovation

Keeping The Kids Safe While House Is on Renovation

Home and bathroom renovations is a very exciting thing. Despite the inconvenience of staying in a half-built house of some sort, the anticipation of the outcome just weighs in more. However, the process of house renovation could endanger the people in the house, especially the kids. If you are planning to have a house renovation and you have kids in the same roof, here are some ways you can keep them safe.

Keep The Tools Away

Kids are extremely curious about anything and everything. If there’s something new to their sight that’s within their reach, they will absolutely get and play with it. That’s why it’s very dangerous to lay tools on places accessible to them on a normal day alone, and so it’s way more dangerous to leave them lying around during a house renovation when all the tools are very likely to be sharp enough to do serious harm.

Hire Kid-friendly, Reliable, and Responsible Contractors

While it is not the contractor’s job to take care of your kids, it’s still better if they’re responsible and conscious enough to consider the kids currently at the house. Look for contractors with good reviews from parents; they are more likely better at doing both the house renovation and keeping the kids safe.

Restrict Areas

Do not take any chances. If that area in your house is currently being torn down or built up, then it should certainly be off-limits to children. Block these areas in a way that children won’t be able to pass through even if they tried. Lock the doors, put a fence, or even attach a warning sign that they will take seriously.

Explain What’s Going On

Do not underestimate the ability of the kids to understand what’s happening. Most of the time, when you tell them “no”, they ignore it and still do what you told them not to do. That’s because simply telling them “no” is not enough. Sometimes, all it takes is a clear and simple explanation of what’s going on and what would happen if they don’t listen to you.

Schedule The Renovation When the Kids Are Not Home

If it’s possible, schedule the contractors and the renovation itself when the kids are not home, e.g. when they’re in school. The more time the kids spend time outside the house during the renovation, the better.

Know About Harmful Chemicals and Air Pollutants

During house renovation, chemicals harmful to one’s body may be present. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about the possible chemicals and air pollutants that will be used during your house’s renovation in order to take necessary precautions.

Clean Up

Every day after all the work is done, make sure to thoroughly clean up. Despite hiring reliable contractors, it’s still better to look for dropped nails and such. Keep everything out of children’s reach.

Stay with the Kids

Don’t be confident even after you’ve taken all these precautions. Whenever your kids are home during renovation, stay with them, or at least keep them in sight.


If you can let them stay somewhere else, that might be the best idea. However, if that’s not possible, just ensure that all the tools and equipment are inaccessible to them and that wherever the renovation is happening, the kids are on the other and farthest side.

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