Childproof Your Garage

Measures to Childproof Your Garage

Having children can be both a blessing and a big responsibility. From the time they have finally learned to walk, you have to look after whatever they are doing and not playing with best professional chainsaw every single time.

There are some instances though that you cannot keep an eye out on your kids, and the next thing you notice after checking on them is that they are on a different room or part of your house that is not designed to be a playground.

If your house has a garage, which is considered the most accident-prone place for children, you should employ these practical preventive measures to make your garage as childproof as possible.

Storing Home Improvement Tools

Keeping Containers Out Of Reach

Installing A Dutch Door

Securing Car Doors

Locking Garage Doors When Not In Use

Storing Home Improvement Tools

The garage is not just your vehicle’s only shelter, but it is also a place where you may keep your toolbox and other home improvement stuff. Other tools, such as chainsaws, are large but portable, and they must be kept in a different location somewhere in your house.

Preventing access to one of these tools is the best way to avoid such accidents, especially if you happen to own a chainsaw with a switch that can be turned on easily.

Keeping Containers Out Of Reach

It is also convenient to have cleaning supplies for your car if the time comes that the vehicle needs washing.

However, you need to make sure that those items are out of your children’s reach since they are primarily for external use and may contain harmful chemicals when they come in contact with the skin.

To do this, you should create a platform where you can put those cleaning items high above their reach.

Installing A Dutch Door

If you mostly keep an eye on both your kids and all the things in your garage, you may think of installing a door that connects to a certain area in your house so that only parents can have easy access to it.

Having a Dutch door installed is highly recommended because you can have the top part of it opened while keeping the bottom part closed, thus allowing you to monitor what is going on. This type of door also helps in a way that it keeps air flowing.

Securing Car Doors

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to make sure that all the doors in your car are locked. This is to prevent any suffocation that can possibly happen if you accidentally leave the vehicle doors unlocked, your child gets inside, and closes the door from there.

Locking and Inspecting Garage Doors

In case your garage has a door that can be operated via electric means, it is best to keep it closed every after use. It would also aid greatly to do a maintenance check on your garage door and its switch when you have the time.

Your children’s future and safety are very important. Therefore, you need to make sure that every part of your house is childproof, not just your garage.

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