Plants to Have Indoors

The Best Plants to Have Indoors for the Whole Family

If you want your home to have a refreshing feeling, it is good to have lowest price indoor plants. Aside from aesthetics, everyone in your family will learn how to take care of plants. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the best indoor plants for your family.


This plant is great for kids since it is easy to maintain. This plant is the happiest under the sun. Before watering it thoroughly, make sure that you dry the soil for at least once a week. It is also recommended to opt for pots that provide great drainage since jade plants do not like mushy soil.

Tending a new plant from the clippings is a cool aspect of jade. You just need to cut a part of its leaf and position the edge you cut in water. You will see roots forming from the edge. Once the roots harden, you can plant the leaf.


When you have kids at home, injuries are inevitable. Therefore, planting aloe in your house is a great idea. Placing this plant in a room with bright light and planting it in a pot with a number of drainage holes is suggested. When the dirt on top seems dry, you water it. Nevertheless, you should not let it soak too much water because it does not sit well with roots that are wet.

The leaves of this plant have acemannan. It is an antibacterial property that activates our immune system. When you have a burn, you can just cut a leaf and smear the gel-like substance on the wound. Another benefit of this is it promotes healing of wounds fast.


If your kids or pets run around or play rowdily, Haworthia is a good plant to keep in your house since it can withstand infrequent tumbles and moderate abuses. You plant this using soil for succulents and cacti. These soil types quickly dry and prevent rotting.

Put it somewhere with bright light, but do not place it under direct sunlight. When you poke your finger and feel the soul dry 2 to 3 inches from below, this is the time you can water it. Because of its very thick leaves and sturdy root structure, it does not get easily tipped over.


Having aesthetic leaves, this plant can complement your room decoration. Although this plant does not require much sunlight, it is dainty and has to be moist all the time. Therefore, it is ideal in a self-watering planter or your bathroom.


Besides using it for decoration, you can use this plant when preparing your family’s meals. You can ask your kids to pick the leaves to be used for your meal. Even though there are herbs that are difficult to care indoors, mint is not one of them. You put the plant in a container that is 6 to 8 inches with ample drainage. To keep its soil moist, put it in a sunny area twice a week.

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