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Dog Care: Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Being a pet parent is not only all about cuddles and games, but also it comes with a great task. The same as kids how dog parent disciplines their canines to determine how they behave, act, and listen. Always check PetPlate fresh dog food delivery review considering there are so many beliefs on how to nurture dogs, there is no perfect way to do it. Some of the most common dog parenting mistakes are listed below; read on so you can avoid committing them:

Lacks socialization. One of the most overlook mistakes of dog parents is not letting their dogs socialize while they are still puppies. It is best to let puppies mingle within their first 3 to 4 months. Letting them meet adults, kids or other puppies around can be a great experience for them and will help develop a sense of security around you and other people. Lacks in socialization may often lead to your dog’s trust issues.

No ground rules or the setting of limitations. Just like a parent to a child, dog parents should also implement house rules and policies inside your home. Pets especially dogs need to have boundaries set for them to avoid raising a canine with a dominant behavior. The best time to start setting limits and boundaries would be the first day they enter your home. If dogs aren’t allowed to enter the bedroom, install a gate, or train your dogs in not violating this rule.

Never let your dog walk you. It sounds harmless but you should not let your fur baby pull you during walks. Always stay calm and don’t let them show their domination over you. This will help your dog to be well behaved and to prevent accidents during your walks.

Not enough exercise. Just like humans, exercise is vital for dogs. Without proper exercise, you are putting your dog into potential health risks. Depends on the type of dog you have, most dogs need more than just walks. Obesity in dogs is rampant nowadays due to a lack of exercise. Involve them with exercise not only for physical as well with their mental. Sports games are beneficial, too. With the help of nutritious dog food you feed your fur baby, and an adequate exercise, a healthy lifestyle is achievable.

Too much punishment. When dogs commit accidents and you were not there while he was on the act, consider it a lost opportunity and just remind yourself to be better next time. Don’t punish him for lost moments, it won’t matter anymore. Instead of scolding him, help him to feel good about himself by giving him rewards and treats.

Leaving dogs in isolation for long periods. While it can be undamaging for dogs to be alone for an hour or 2 hours, it is not good for them to be alone for a long time. Socialization is essential for dogs, being alone for too long can lead to more destructive behavior such as being too quiet or too loud and even behave rudely around people. You don’t need to be around them 24 hours, but checking on them and letting them go outside once in a while to ease the boredom.

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