Most parents document their children’s development while they were still inside their mom’s belly or when they have taken their first steps. These developments that your toddler undergoes are called “developmental milestones”.

These milestones are not just physical development, but it also involves social, emotional, and mental progress. Milestones will vary depending on each child, but there are certain developmental milestones that are expected in a certain time frame to ensure that they are developing normally.

Such milestones also ensure that if there are delays, they could be detected and treated early on through therapy. There is no need to pressure your child into showing these milestones at an exact age, but it is important to talk to their pediatrician if you are concerned about it.

Here are some milestones in each age group as your child grows:

1 Year Old

At 12 months, you will be able to notice that your child is becoming socially and emotionally aware. It is common to see your toddler become attached or clingy to you or your partner and become closed and shy with people they are not familiar with.

They are also starting to understand more words despite having a limited vocabulary. It is also a normal sight to see them copy you and your actions. Toddlers at this age are able to remember things such as toys despite not seeing them. With locomotive skills, they are able to sit up, pull to stand up, and also walk depending on your toddler.

1 Year and 6 Months

At this age, they are more open into showing affection to other people they are familiar with or show care to them. Their vocabulary has expanded, and they may be able to speak in one to two sentences.

They are already able to point and identify things such as toys or their own body parts. They are already capable of walking at this age and do things independently such as putting on clothes themselves or eating and drinking on their own.

2 Years Old

At 2 years old, they are starting to be more socially comfortable; they might not socialize with their peers just yet, but seeing kids near their age can excite them. They can speak longer and fuller sentences now which is accompanied by their continuously expanding vocabulary.

They will listen and repeat what you say. It is at this age where they begin to throw tantrums as a form of expressing their emotions. Being active physically is a regular occurrence now.

3 Years Old

Socializing is exact at this age, but they do “parallel play” which is toddlers playing near one another but not socializing with each other. This will evolve as they go to school and try to interact with their classmates.

They are now able to engage in full-on conversations and do multiple step instructions. Cognitive development is at its creative start whereas they will be able to play with more complicated toys such as puzzles and play pretend. They will also throw tantrums when they are not able to get what they want. Physical development is at its toddler peak because they will be able to run much farther and possibly even be able to ride a bike.